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FORBIDDEN FRUIT The Forbidden Fruit strain puts aside your worries and concerns, allowing you to smile, giggle, and enjoy the moment. You are placed in a present meditative state, with the past and future not of concern. You experience mental and body bliss, and relaxation soon comes into a potent and stoney high. The effects start strong and slowly reduce into a sleepy intoxication. Your mood is uplifted along the way.

Those using this strain to manage mental or mood disorders should stick with low or average doses, to avoid unnecessary paranoia from occurring.

Health Benefits of Forbidden Fruit Weed Strain

The unique profile of this strain makes it an excellent choice for managing various conditions. It is potentially ideal for managing muscle spasms, migraine headaches, and chronic pain. The strain might also be helpful for people suffering from chronic stress, nausea, lack of appetite, and anxiety disorders.

It is best used in the evening because it has a heavier high than some other strains. A perfect strain for those who have trouble falling asleep, because their mind is wandering and racing. If this sounds like you, give the Forbidden Fruit strain a try!

If Forbidden Fruit is consumed in relatively high dosages, you may find yourself on the couch. Some people who are very stressed may actually prefer to be glued to their couch after a long day at work. Thus, the Forbidden Fruit strain is a great cannabis strain to manage stress.

If you end up consuming too much of this marijuana strain and do not want to be on the couch for the rest of the evening (or day), give these a try:

  • Take a cold shower, staying in the shower for as long as possible
  • Have a nice hot cup of coffee, one you can sit and enjoy for a while
  • Force yourself to be active by participating in light physical activities, like doing the dishes, going for a walk, etc.

Growing Forbidden Fruit Strain

It takes about 10 weeks for this strain to flower. This is a reasonably long time, but you must be patient. If you harvest Forbidden Fruit strain before its time, you will end up with a poor quality strain. The Forbidden Fruit strain is relatively simple to grow but requires some light. So, growing outdoors is ideal. The plant is low maintenance as it does not attract mold, pests, mildew, or diseases.

Most of the seeds sold are auto-flowering, meaning a light cycle known as 12/12 needs to be adhered to for the buds to develop properly. When grown indoors, provide enough space and air circulation for this strain to grow well. Humidity should be moderate and the temperature should be adjusted to a normal room temperature.

When grown outdoors, Forbidden Fruit thrives in a moderate climate, although it can also grow well in drier regions. Once flowering begins, the 12/12 light cycle should be observed, as this gives the plants the push they need to flourish into a full-grown product.

Auto-flowering is a guarantee that the seeds will flower. This implies flowering won’t be dependent on how well you grow, as eventually, flowering will occur. Auto-flowering seeds are much easier to grow.

With an ideal growing condition and the right topping methods, expect a fairly good harvest of around 3 ounces per square foot.


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