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STRAWBERRY CONGA The Strawberry cannabis strain is a weed strain that,

as the name might imply, is well known for its significant strawberry flavor profile.

Bred from a secret stock in the Netherlands by an unknown breeding company,

Strawberry is one of those strains that seems to have just burst into existence from the ether.

Having no clear origins or parentage, it is instead a parent for many other strains itself.

While many strains that can list Strawberry as its primary parent tend to

have the word ‘strawberry’ in their titles to aid in recognition, there are many other strains with clear Strawberry genetics without that clear signifier. Strawberry is just one of those strains that seems to crop up everywhere, especially where you least expect it.


The high that the Strawberry strain offers is surprisingly mild, considering its stellar reputation. With its individual genetics and effects leaning towards sativa, it offers a reasonably typical sativa massive experience.

There is a decent list of enjoyable mental effects as well, to go along with this relaxation. You will feel relaxed, but not lethargic, and also more creative and energized when it comes to completing mental tasks. You will feel like you can tackle anything you put your mind to, while at the same time exploring and acting a lot more sociable than you would expect.

Medical Benefits of the Strawberry Cannabis Strain

Despite the fact that there isn’t really any CBD content to be found within Strawberry, one of the most common uses for Strawberry is to try and treat anxiety. Thanks to its ability to help soothe feelings of worry, stress, or irritation, it is a perfect way to try and encourage easy thoughts and help make those with mental disorders have a better day.

This strain is also well known for its effects on physical issues, especially mild and chronic pain conditions. Thanks to the slow but continuous burn of the high, Strawberry is great for helping suppress pain problems throughout the day.

Conversely, lots of people also use Strawberry to help combat problems associated with chronic fatigue, thanks to the burst of energy this strain gives you. It is rare to find a

strain that not only makes sleep easier at night but also keeps you awake during the day.

Of course, no matter how many valuable medical

benefits there are, there are always going to be a few side effects to go alongside the valuable results.

What kind of side effects does Strawberry cause?

Possible Side Effects of the Strawberry Cannabis Strain

The only other side effects that sometimes get reported about the Strawberry strain are generally tied to smoking too much at once. For example, some people complain about a propensity towards headaches, particularly behind the eyes and around the temples. However, if you simply make sure not to smoke too much, you won’t really have to worry about it.



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