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Topshelf moonrocks

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Topshelf moonrocks

Topshelf moonrocks

there’s one thing stoners are excellent at, it’s using their creative minds to come up with new and exciting ways to consume cannabis.

Whether by toking on some carefully cultivated green,

dabbing on some fine cannabis extracts or sprinkling some of that sweet-smelling, sandy kief atop a fresh bowl, there always seems to be a way to one-up the last decade’s weed game.

Quality moon rocks should look like they’ve been rolling around

in a whole bucket of kief – the thicker the coat of trichomes, the higher

the quality of moon rock (remember, if there is no kief, you’re more likely looking at caviar, not moon rocks).

Moon rocks should also be very pungent. Trichomes (kief) contain a huge amount of terpenes that should fill your nostrils with the first whiff.

Buy Topshelf moonrocks

“Fake” moon rocks will have a faint or subtle odor that may not be worth the price.

Quality moon rocks should be thoroughly saturated in oil. for instance

Proper procedure for creating moon rocks requires that oil for instance

be brushed into the buds multiple times, allowing time for the oil to saturate thoroughly into the dried bud between applications.

Though this is a quality you will not discover until after purchase, it is a valuable point to note when considering your next moon rock purchase or recommendation. for instance

You know what’s even more fun than getting high? Getting really, really high. That’s what happens when you smoke moon rocks: the latest, tastiest treat in the cannabis scene. With the ability to take consumers to the moon and back without ever leaving the couch, moon rocks are truly out-of-this-world.

Moon rocks are something to be appreciated, both by the seller and the consumer.

If your budtender is vague on the details of their moon rocks, they may not be all they’re chalked up to be.


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